Lucky escape for Saumya Tandon after her house catches fire, Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain star posts photo of devastated room


Saumya Tandon on Thursday posted a photo of her room that had caught fire because of a loose electric connection in her house. Taking to Twitter the Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain star said that she was unhurt in the accident but the photo of her room showed a complete devastation.

Saumya Tandon

Saumya, who recently became a mother, wrote, “Had fire in my house ?, lessons learnt 1. Never sleep with liquit mosquito replant next to your bed especially if it’s over take it off the switch 2. Never have loose connection things plugged in 3. Learn to use fire extinguishers infact buy n keep it at home now.”

Her subsequent tweet read, “Lots of mistakes, was so rushed, ‘liquid repellent’” The popular TV star said that ‘by God’s grace all well’ adding that ‘we are all safe no major injuries.’ “It could have been worse, we were lucky,” she continued.

Saumya was widely hailed as a hero this week after an investigation by Cobrapost website exposed 36 celebrities from the entertainment industry agreeing to endorse the agenda of political parties for a fee by using their social media accounts. Saumya was one of the four TV stars, who had bluntly refused to sell her soul for money.

Later speaking to Janta Ka Reporter, she will never sell herselfshe had said that for money adding that she will also never endorse any political parties if she did not believe in their ideologies. She had said, “Well, in my 12 years of career in the entertainment industry, there have been many times that I have been approached for either endorsing a political party especially closer to the elections or to rally for a particular candidate or talk about a particular party on social media or go attend their parties. I have never done that. I will never do that.”