Kangana Ranaut declared ‘dumb’ after she rants in reaction to spoof video on Qatar Airways CEO


Kangana Ranaut has been declared ‘dumb’ after the pro-BJP Bollywood actor took to Instagram to rant about a spoof video on Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker. Kangana is facing widespread ridicule for her inability to identify a spoof video.

Photo Instagrammed by Kangana Ranaut

An Indian user had posted a video calling for the boycott of Qatar Airways after the Islamic kingdom summoned the Indian envoy to register its protest over the objectionable remarks on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma. This snowballed into a full-blown diplomatic row as several other Muslim countries also registered their protests.

The hashtag used by the Indian user, identified as Vasudev, had used the wrong spelling of ‘boycott.’ Members of India’s Hindu right-wing used the hashtag with the wrong spelling and soon #BycottQatarAirways became a top trend.

Another user came up with a creative plan to make a spoof video using an interview of Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker with Al-Jazeera TV. In the spoof video by dubbing his voice with hilarious comments aimed at Vasudev.

The doctored video made fun of the Indian user, who had made a call for the boycott of Qatar Airways. Vasudev was mockingly called the ‘biggest share holder’ of Qatar Airways with an investment of little of Rs. 650. The right-wing Indian user was urged to withdraw his call for the boycott soon after he returned from the railway track, where he spent most of his time. He was also offered two litres of petrol so that he could consider taking his call for the boycott back.

The hilarious spoof video went viral, but, as expected, Kangana felt the video was real and decided to post her rant on Instagram. She updated her Instagram story with a hard-hitting response.

She wrote “All so-called Indians who are cheering this bully for making fun of a poor man remember this is exactly why you all are a big bojh (burden) on this overpopulated country.”

Kangana didn’t stop here as she continued, “This idiot of a man has no shame bullying a poor man, mocking his insignificance and place in the world… Vasudev may be poor and insignificant for a rich man like you but he has the right to express his grief, pain and disappointment in whatever context it may be… remember there is a world beyond this world where we all are equal….”

As expected, netizens began to mock the actor by calling her dumb. One wrote, “Breaking: Oxford Dictionary has decided to replace the word DUMB by Kangana.” Another commented, “Kangana is so dumb that word “Dumb”feels insulted being related to her in a sentence. #KanganaRanaut.”

Some felt that Kangana may have lost her mental balance after her film Dhaakad bombed at the box office.