“JasMean has committed huge blunder”: Jasmin Bhasin slammed for Rakhi Sawant’s nose injury, makers of Bigg Boss issue warning; Salman Khan’s reaction awaited


TV actor and Bigg Boss contestant Jasmin Bhasin is facing widespread condemnation after netizens held her responsible for causing injuries to Rakhi Sawant’s nose. The incident took an ugly turn as Rakhi cried in pain for a long time, forcing the makers of the Colors TV reality show to intervene. As if Jasmin receiving a warning from Bigg Boss was not enough, her critics took to social media to declare her ‘JasMean.’  This was because Jasmin was seen making fun of Rakhi for several minutes even when the latter cried in pain and cried bitterly. Fans are now awaiting the reaction of Bigg Boss host Salman Khan during the next Weekend Ka Vaar episode.

Jasmin Bhasin

The controversy was triggered by Jasmin’s decision to thrust a giant-size dummy duck head on Rakhi’s head. The duck head slid past Rakhi nose and covered her face. This left Rakhi in instant pain as she began to cry bitterly. While Anubhav Shukla, Eijaz Khan and Vikas Gupta rushed towards Rakhi to help, Jasmin was seen mocking her accusing her of indulging in theatrics. Also giving her the company was Nikki Tamboli.

At one point, Jasmin was seen kicking the duck head in disgust, seemingly to express her disgust at Rakhi’s alleged theatrics. However, her rumoured boyfriend Aly Goni warned her to be careful of her behaviour as this was bound to portray her in a negative light.

Moments later, Bigg Boss summoned the housemates to issue his warning to Jasmin, condemning her for her insensitivity.

Netizens wasted no time in slamming Jasmin by declaring her ‘JasMean’ Bhasin for her ‘mean’ beahviour towards Rakhi Sawant.

Rakhi was given urgent medical assistance by the makers of the reality show. She was also allowed to sleep, which is not permitted for other housemates until the lights are turned off inside the house.