Why is Janhvi Kapoor asking fans to pray for her after she ate plate full of meat chops?


Actor Janhvi Kapoor is fast beginning to transform into relatively confident and outgoing young star. This is a marked change from her earlier self as a shy and visibly reserved teenager.

The excitement around the release of her debut film Dhadak appears to have done the trick in transforming her personality. She’s already performed at two promotional gigs, first in Lucknow and then Pune on Friday.

After the release of Dhadak’s tracks and teaser, Janhvi has become more aggressive with her presence on social media. On Friday, soon after her promotional event in Pune, Janhvi posted several photos as part of her Insta story. This gave her fans a chance to see the young star in her new avatar.

In one photo Janhvi and Ishaan are seen sharing a burger. Ishaan seen wearing a sufi styled cap seemed engrossed in enjoying himself.

Seen at a popular mall in Pune, the current heart-throb couple are seen enthralling a mesmerised 1000 odd strong audience of shoppers.

Ishaan and Jahnvi breaking bread with friends at a popular restaurant

The end result! Jahnvi seeks the prayers of her fans after she has finished a plateful of meat chops!

The ‘before’ image!


Apparently on their second round, the young star couple are making the most of their day out at the restaurant.

Last week, a photo of Janhvi had gone viral where she was seen in geometric print blue skirt and white sleeveless blouse. With Janhvi’s hands on her hips, she is definitely looking like a boss. It explains why India is going crazy for this young star even before her debut movie Dhadak is out.

On Monday, Janhvi was trolled on Instagram after she posted a close up photo in a blue sleeveless night dress. No sooner had she posted the photo, she began to receive nasty comments from her fans, some of who wondered if she already had gone under the knife to get the shape of her nose enhanced. It all started with one fan @a_sinful_bloke writing, “That’s just a lot of make-up. Had she not been Sridevi’s daughter, then she wouldn’t have been qualified for an ad.” The user was joined by many who agreed with him. One user wrote, “There are so many strugglers way better than her.” Another user wrote, “She had a nose job too, just like Sridevi.”