Janhvi Kapoor says she had to audition to get lead role in Dhadak


Ever since Dhadak‘s tracks have been out, Janhvi Kapoor has had to face allegations of nepotism as critics trolled her alleging that she landed the lead role in Karan Johar’s film because of her status as Sridevi’s daughter.

Janhvi Kapoor

However, the 21-year-old actor has finally busted the myth revealing how even she had to audition to secure her debut movie with Dharma Productions. “I actually did audition. Karan (Johar) came home and made me do a few readings of different scenes and eventually that evolved into getting a part in this film.” Janhvi told Harper Bazaar magazine.

Dhadak is set to release later this month, but Janhvi and her co-star in the film, Ishaan Khattar, have already started the trip around the country to promote the film. On Monday, the two actors were in Lucknow, where they regaled a packed audience in a city mall as they recreated the Zingaat magic on the stage.

The two actors wowed their fans with a sensuous dance performance. Janhvi has also been active on social media particularly on Instagram, where she has been keeping her fans abreast of goings on in her life intermittently. With nearly 2 million followers, Janhvi’s fan base is only expanding every day on Instagram and with heightened excitement ahead of Dhadak’s release, this number is only set to increase.

However, not many would know that Janhvi was not always as comfortable and extrovert on social media as she is these days. Before the spotlight fell on her post her Mom’s tragic death in Dubai, the young actor existed on Instagram privately with only her approved followers having access to her posts.

She decided to make her account public on family and friends’ advice but not before she had deleted all her previous posts on Instagram. She told Harper Bazaar magazine, “As for my Instagram, I used to have a private profile and then I was told I need to open it up, so I deleted everything to start from the beginning.”





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