“It’s been almost 40 days”: Arnab Goswami’s supporters write moving notes on mysterious absence, urge Republic TV founder to return to TV; meme fest by detractors


Arnab Goswami’s mysterious absence from TV for nearly 40 days has prompted his supporters to write moving notes as they urged the Republic TV founder to make a public appearance. This was days after netizens trended ‘Where’s Arnab Goswami’ on the microblogging site Twitter.

With Republic TV making no statement on the whereabouts of Arnab, the controversial anchor’s supporters have taken to Twitter once again to write emotional notes as they made desperate pleas asking him to return to TV.

Meanwhile, Arnab’s critics also used the opportunity to share disparaging memes to once again target the Republic TV founder for his biases in favour of the BJP. Arnab was last seen presenting his prime time debate show way back in April. He had made a brief appearance on 2 May on Republic TV to lead the coverage on the counting of votes in five states including West Bengal. But, he had to face considerable mocking after he was accused of running away in the aftermath of the BJP’s failure to wrest power from Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal.

Madhu Kishwar, who frequently appeared on Republic TV in the past, had urged Republic TV to make a statement on the TV anchor’s health.