Hilarious twist to Arnab Goswami’s debate as Republic TV founder promises to allow Sambit Patra’s critics to chop BJP spokesperson into pieces


Arnab Goswami’s debate took a hilarious twist on Sunday after Republic TV founder promised to allow Sambit Patra’s critics to chop the BJP spokesperson into pieces. Goswami thundered, “I will not spare you Sambit.” Arnab Goswami launched a tirade against those who he called were the cynics of the nationwide lockdown to fight the spread of coronavirus in India. Moderating a special edition of his TV debate, Goswami said that the cynics were failing in their attempts to indulge in fear-mongering against the lockdown. But, the debate became hilarious after the Republic TV founder announced that at least five critics of Sambit Patra will be given an opportunity to chop the BJP spokesperson into ‘tiny little pieces.’ And if that was not enough, Goswami heaped more embarrassment on Patra by declaring that he was no good in a TV debate even when he joined via a Skype connection.

Promising to not spare Patra, Goswami told the BJP spokesperson, “The point being made is Sambit, listen. Charity begins at home… BJP MLA celebrates his birthday (in violation of lockdown). You didn’t throw the guy out of the party. So Listen. I am here on a Sunday strongly supporting the lockdown. However, I will not spare you Sambit if your party, the ruling party of India, is giving itself the unnatural flexibility to change the rules.”

Right at the beginning of the show, Patra was making a point in defence of his government’s decision to impose a nationwide lockdown to stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in India. At least five of the 12 guests taking part in the debate wanted to counter the BJP spokesperson when Goswami intervened, “Sambit vs five. Wait a minute,  All five of you. Let Sambit complete and all five of you can chop him into tiny little pieces.”

Goswami then shifted his attention towards Patra and said, “Sambit, you complete for God sake. I mean Sambit, you are bad enough in the studio, you are worse on a skype connection. Continue.”

Patra asked Goswami to not worry about him as he proceeded towards placing his version of the truth out in the open.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had first announced a 21-day nationwide lockdown last month, which was expected to end on 14 April. However, Modi announced a further extension of 19 days in his third address to the nation last week. The current lockdown is expected to end on 3 May if Modi doesn’t extend it further.

Patra had famously said last year that he owed his fame to Goswami.