Highland Park Police had information about Illinois shooter’s intention to cause massacre in 2019; cops failed


In a shocking revelation, it has emerged that the Highland Park Police Department first learned about the Illinois shooter’s intention to cause a massacre way back in 2019.

Highland Park Police

According to CNN, the Highland Park Police went to Robert E. Crimo III’s home after a family member reported that he had vowed to ‘kill everyone.’  “The threat was directed at family inside of the home,” Chris Covelli, spokesperson for the Lake County Major Crimes Task Force, said.

Covelli added that the police recovered and seized several weapons including 16 knives, a dagger and a sword from Crimo’s possession but did not feel the need to place him on the watch list or under government surveillance.

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Many wonder that if the police had taken necessary actions against Crimo in 2019, Monday’s carnage could have been avoided. As many as 45 people were killed or injured in the mass shooting during Monday’s Independence Day parade.

Crimo, who has not yet been charged, allegedly shot his victims from a rooftop before fleeing from the scene disguised as a woman. He reportedly went to meet his mother in the vicinity before taking her car to escape.

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A massive manhunt was launched with the involvement of the FBI and Crimo was arrested within hours of the massacre. The police said that Crimo planned for weeks to carry out his terrorist act. Investigators are still trying to ascertain the motive behind the attack.