Gujarat IPS officer faces condemnation for trolling Swara Bhasker, deletes tweet after apology


Gujarat IPS officer Vipul Aggarwal has had to apologise and delete his social media post after his act of trolling Bollywood actress Swara Bhasker backfired spectacularly. Reacting to the gruesome murder of a 2 1/2-year-old baby in Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh on 2 June, Aggarwal took to Twitter to wonder why Swara Bhasker had lost her voice on this issue. He wrote cheekily, “What’s the swar of @ReallySwara on this?”

Swara Bhasker

No sooner did he post his controversial tweet, Aggarwal began to face incessant trolling on social media with many wondering whether an IPS officer should lower the dignity of his uniform by trolling an actress. Others asked if this was reflective of a rapidly deteriorating law and order in Ahmedabad.

Faced with huge condemnation, Aggarwal deleted his tweet and apologised in a series of tweets. He wrote, “I’m getting messages that being in public service I shouldn’t express opinion on public issues. Should I? Even if my actions are absolute objective, neutral and unbiased while performing my duties? I guess those who know me can swear on that. So should I close my account?”

His subsequent tweet read, “Friends it seems that my tweets have hurt the feelings of few. I apologise as I never intended to do so. So I’ve deleted the tweets without prejudice to my right to express myself. I maintain absolute objectivity and neutrality and shall continue to do so. Please keep supporting.”

Earlier, vicious Hindutva trolls had targeted known liberal names on Twitter demanding their reactions to the murder of the baby in Aligarh. These trolls had also mischievously claimed that the baby was raped by two Muslim men Zahid and Aslam. However, the Aligarh Police had reacted swiftly to reject the claims of rape stating that the post mortem report had not confirmed any sexual attack on the little girl.