Gopi Bahu mashup: 7 similarities detected between viral Kokilaben and Arnab Goswami after netizens wonder ‘Rasode mein kaun tha?’


A mashup by a music producer on Gopi Bahu has taken the internet by a storm in the last few days with the video clocking over one million views. Twitterati has added a new twist to the viral video by detecting at least seven similarities between Kokilaben, the main protagonist of the video, and Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami.

One of the similarities, according to the Twitter user, was in the menacing look given by both Kokilaben and the controversial TV anchor.

But the similarities between the two weren’t just confined to their demeanor. The Twitter user found another photo of the two pointing at their ‘targets.’

Elsewhere, both Kokilaben and Goswami were seen ‘looking suspiciously’ as their body language once again matched.

Curiously, both of them also looked similar while ‘expressing unhappiness’ about something.

In another set of photos, both Goswami and Kokilaben were seen holding mobile phones and, once again, matched each other’s mannerisms.

And if these similarities weren’t enough, the Twitter user also dug out a picture of both with folded hands.

As expected, this Twitter thread left Twitterati in splits with some even coining a new term ‘Arnaben‘ for the two. One Twitter user wrote, “Seems so relatable, loved the thread.” Another wrote, “Kokilaben ft. Arnab will be discussing rasode mein kaun tha #rashi thi ya #gopibahu.” One user wrote, “The day is near when Arnab Goswami will start a debate …The nation wants to know ki rasode mein kon tha.”

Music producer Yashraj Mukhate has become a new internet sensation after his Gopi Bahu mashup on Kokilaben went viral globally. In the viral video, Kokilaben, whose real name is Rupal Patel, is seen admonishing her daughters-in-law Gopi bahu played by Gia Manek and Rashi played by Richa Hasabnis for placing an empty cooker on the stove.

Such was the craze that even Rupal could not resist the temptation of calling up the music producer. Rupal said that she got the number of Yashraj Mukhate from one of her friends and spoke to him over the weekend. She said, “I spoke to Yashraj and thanked him. He has utilised his creativity nicely and that made this song viral. No doubt Kokila Modi is an iconic character, but now this rap song will make her more memorable in people’s hearts.”