“From frizzy nightmares to hair of my dreams”: Mira Rajput’s video prompts husband Shahid Kapoor to make huge confession; wife accused of being high on drugs


Shahid Kapoor took it upon himself to boost the morale of his wife Mira Rajput with an extraordinary message days after the latter was accused of being high on drugs. Shahid took to Instagram to publicly acknowledge Mira’s beauty. The rare public display by Shahid for his wife came days after Mira triggered a full-blown controversy by likening her shirt to ‘split personality.’

It all started with Mira sharing her beauty tips through a couple of videos. In her latest series of videos, Mira attempted to share her expert advice on how one must look after her hair. Mira explained how she had managed to change her ‘frizzy nightmares’ into hair of her dreams.

Unaffected by the content of his wife’s video, Shahid appeared to be smitten by his wife’s beauty as he asked, “Why so beautiful. ?”

In another video, Mira shared tips that had stopped her hair fall and made her hair ‘shinier and silky.’ Mira said that she regularly used Bhringadi Hair Oil, adding that she had stopped using it in the night because Shahid hated its smell.

Mira was recently in the news for wrong reasons as many accused her of mocking a serious mental disorder in her Instagram post. This was after Mira wore a new shirt and likened it to ‘split personality’ because of its two different colours. Enraged by Mira’s alleged flippancy, fans began to incessantly troll her with some advising her to receive ‘proper education rather than marrying a celebrity.’

Both Shahid and Mira have two children namely Misha and Zain.