Former India cricketer Irfan Pathan shuts up pro-BJP actor Kangana Ranaut on carnage in Palestine; South Africa’s Kagiso Rabada, Afghanistan’s Rashid Khan take bold stand


Former India cricketer Irfan Pathan has lashed out at pro-BJP actor Kangana Ranaut after she criticised the player’s stand against the Israeli terrorism that has killed scores of innocent Palestinians including children in the occupied territory.

Reacting to the brutal murder of dozens of innocent Palestinians, Irfan had tweeted last week, “If you have even slightest of humanity you will not support what’s happening in #Palestine #SaveHumanity.”

Irfan’s tweet did not go down well with the controversial Bollywood actor, whose Twitter account was recently suspended permanently by the microblogging site for routinely spewing hate against Muslims. She shared a BJP leader’s tweet critical of Irfan’s stand against Israeli terrorism in her Instagram story as she launched another round of rant displaying her Islamophobia. The tweet by BJP MLA Dinesh Chaudhary had read, ” Irfan Pathan has so much attachment with another country but he could not tweet on West Bengal in his own country.”

Kangana’s endorsement to the BJP’s MLA tweet evoked an angry response from Irfan, who launched a tirade against the Bollywood actor. He tweeted, “All My tweets are either 4 humanity or countrymen, from a point of view of a guy who has represented India at d highest level. On d contrary counters I get from ppl like Kangna who’s account get dismissed by spreading hate n some other paid accounts are only about hate. #planned.”

Irfan wasn’t the only celebrity from the world of sports to publicly voice his support for the oppressed Palestinians. Some of the world’s most popular footballers from England, France, Turkey, Chile and Germany had extended their extraordinary support to Palestinians.

As for the world of cricket, South Africa’s Kagiso Rabada and Afghanistan’s Rashid Khan too minced no words when they tweeted highlighting the brutality being committed by Israel. Rabada tweeted, “#PrayForPalestine.”

Rashid Khan took to Twitter to condemn the brutal attacks being unleashed against children by terrorists in Israel and his home country Afghanistan. He wrote, “As an athlete who plays cricket around the world, I want to see this world out of war. I can’t watch people being killed in #Afghanistan & #Palestine. No crime is more heinous than the killing of a child. I want these children to wake up to the sound of birds & not bombs.”

Israelis have killed dozens of innocent Palestinians so far. The genesis of the current crisis in the middle-east lies in the Israelis’ attempt to forcibly usurp Palestinians’ houses and land in Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of East Jerusalem. Several videos went viral capturing the audacity of Israelis trying to enter Palestinians’ houses and asking them to vacate them for the new Jewish occupiers.