Exit Polls for Indian elections 2019: Who’s predicted what?


Minutes after the seventh and the last phase of the Lok Sabha polls ended, TV channels have begun broadcasting their predictions for different parties in their exit polls.

exit polls

Exit polls in India have never been accurate. In 2009 the poll of exit polls had said that the NDA will win 186 seats and the Congress-led UPA 197. The NDA won 160, while the UPA won the second term by winning 262 seats.

In 2014, the poll of all exit polls predicted 288 seats for the NDA and 102 for the UPA. In reality, the NDA won a bigger mandate with 336 seats while the UPA was reduced to just 59 seats.

Here are the Live Updates:

  • Aaj Tak predicts 26-28 out of 29 seats in Madhya Pradesh, 1-3 seats for the Congress
  • Aaj Tak predicts 7-8 for BJP in Chhattisgarh, 3-4 for Congress.
  • Aaj Tak predicts 23-25 for BJP in Rajasthan, 0-2 for Congress
  • Aaj Tak predicts 38-42 for NDA in Maharashtra, 6-10 for Congress
  • Republic TV predicts landslide for NDA with 295-315 seats.
  • Times Now-VMR exit poll predicts 306 seats for NDA, 132 for UPA
  • News Nation predicts 282 seats for NDA, 118-126 for UPA
  • ABP News predicts 56 for grand alliance in Uttar Pradesh, 26 for BJP and 2 for Congress
  • Aaj Tak predicts both Goa seats for BJP
  • Aaj Tak predicts all 26 seats for BJP in Gujarat
  • ABP predicts 34 seats for NDA in Maharashtra, 14 for UPA
  • ABP predicts 34 for NDA in Bihar, 6 for UPA
  • In Punjab, Aaj Tak says Congress may win 8-10, NDA 3-5, AAP 0-1
  • BJP is expected to sweep in Karnataka with 21-25 seats, says Aaj Tak prediction. Congress-JDS is expected to win  3-6
  • Aaj Tak predicts 15-16 for UPA, NDA 3-5
  • Aaj Tak predicts 8-10 for BJP in Haryana, 0-2 for Congress
  • ABP predicts 267 for NDA, 127 for UPA, 148 for others
  • Aaj Tak predicts 339-365 for NDA