“Disgusting and morally bankrupt”: Attention-seeking pro-BJP actress Kangana Ranaut faces condemnation for comparing demolition of illegal structure to rape


Attention-seeking pro-BJP actress Kangana Ranaut is facing widespread condemnation for making fun of rape by likening the demolition of her illegal office premises to that of the brutal sexual assault on women. When an activist working for rape victims publicly shamed her by condemning her analogy, the unrepentant Bollywood actress decided to launch a tirade against the former.

Speaking to a TV channel, the controversial actress had said, “When I saw that, I felt like I am raped. Today when you have a robbery in your house, even if the thieves have not taken anything, you feel violated psychologically, emotionally.”

This prompted activist Yogita Bhayana to publicly shame the controversial actress as she wrote, “Now this is something not acceptable whatsoever @KanganaTeam dare you compare rape with demolishment….. Do you know how a rape feals like ? Have you ever met any victim she will tell you what it is to be raped ?Shame on you fake feminist.”

A visibly rattled Kangana replied in her own seemingly uncouth manner, “What to expect from a medieval age feminist like you, for you rape is just in the vagina only, some women identify more with their brains and consciousness…. leave it you won’t understand.”

Bhayana responded, “Yes I would not understand you are right !having worked for more than 80 rape survivors my medieval mind does not understand how you reached to this comparison be safe with your Y+ & Guardian(Governor uncle) nakli Jhansi ki Rani !Come out of the character now you are exposed.”

Kangana also called a TV journalist ‘dumb ass’ when Payal Mehta from News18 TV wrote, “Calling another artist as a soft porn star!!! You are disgusting n morally bankrupt @KanganaTeam. Shameful how constantly character assassinate them…Do you know how being raped feels??? How do you draw a comparison with building Demolition… Rape= forceful sexual intercourse.”

This is not the only time that Kangana has disgraced herself by attacking the modesty of women. She had called veteran Bollywood actress Urmila Matondkar a ‘soft porn star’ inviting a wave of criticism from feminists.