Denmark: Mass shooting in Copenhagen shopping mall leaves many dead; 22-year-old Danish man arrested


Authorities in Denmark say that a massing shooting in a Copenhagen shopping mall has left several dead. The police have arrested a 22-year-old Danish man. However, whether or not this was an act of terrorism will depend on the religious faith of the accused.

Photo: CNN

According to the BBC, Police chief Soeren Thomassen said that he could not rule out an ‘act of terrorism.’

One eyewitness, Emilie Jeppesen, told Jyllands-Posten newspaper, “You didn’t know what was happening. Suddenly there was just chaos everywhere.”

Another eyewitness, Mahdi Al-Wazni, told TV 2 that the shooter was carrying a ‘hunting rifle.’

Photo: Twitter

The police are not ruling out the involvement of more than one individual.

Lord Mayor Sophie H Andersen tweeted, “Terrible reports of shooting in Fields. We do not yet know for sure how many are injured or dead, but it is very serious.”

She said that emergency preparedness had been called, adding that she was in close contact with the police.

A report by news agency Reuters said that the Danish capital’s main hospital, Rigshospitalet had received ‘small group of patients’ for treatment.

Several social media users shared the chilling videos of LIVE shooting with frightened customers scurrying for shelter.