Demand to arrest ‘hatemonger’ Navika Kumar of Times Now after Nupur Sharma row


Demands to arrest Times Now’s Navika Kumar have grown after the BJP suspended two of its spokespersons namely Nupur Sharma and Naveen Kumar Jindal for insulting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Sharma had made objectionable comments about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on a show presented by Navika on Times Now.

TV viewers were left aghast to see no intervention from Navika when Sharma insulted Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) during her uninterrupted rant. Navika had later taken to Twitter to extend her support to Sharma when the latter approached the Delhi Police alleging threats to her life.

One Twitter user tagged Vineet Jain, the owner of Times Now channel, to take action against Navika. “Hey @vineetjaintimes,Will you try growing a conscience ( I know pretty tough) and sack your hatemonger, communal, filthy anchor @navikakumar?” the user asked.

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Journalist Sakshi Joshi asked, “After #NupurSharma’s suspension from BJP will @vineetjaintimes take action against his anchor who allowed this venom on their channel, without putting her fader down, discouraging her or saying how her statement was outrageous … she not only allowed but also defended her.”

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Another user wrote on Twitter, “#StrictLegalAction should be taken against them, exactly like your #Police is always ready with #NSA n’ #Bulldozers on the people of other #Community. Action against @TimesNown’ it’s #GroupEditor hatemonger @navikakumar for instigating the hatred, airing (telecasting n’ broadcasting) the filth n’ making it an international issue.”

“Arrest @navikakumar #Arrest_NavikaKumar,” wrote another user.

Faced with growing outrage, Times Now had deleted the video of its controversial broadcast and issued a clarification, distancing itself from the comments made by Sharma.

The BJP on Sunday suspended Sharma and Jindal from the primary membership of the party. The party said that hurting religious sentiments of people from other faiths was unacceptable as it cited India’s history of religious tolerance.