Delhi High Court slams actor Juhi Chawla for appeal against Rs. 20 lakh fine on 5G plea


The Delhi High Court on Thursday lashed out at Bollywood actor Juhi Chawla for filing an appeal against Rs. 20 lakh fine imposed by the same court in June this year.

Reminding Juhi that the court had imposed a fine of Rs. 20 lakh on her way back in June, the court, according to the Hindustan Times website said, “Order is of June. You come now. Six months have gone.”

Saying that there was no urgency in her appeal, the high court listed the matter for hearing for 25 January.

Juhi Chawla has hired Salman Khurshid as her lawyer.

In June this year, the Delhi High Court had rejected the actor’s suit on the adverse effects of the 5G mobile network and imposed a fine of Rs. 20 lakh. Juhi was also criticised by the judge for indulging in a publicity stunt.

The court had said that Juhi and her fellow plaintiffs had ‘abused process of law.’

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The hearing on Juhi’s civil suit was marred by a fan repeatedly singing songs from the actor’s famous films.

One fan had joined the hearing and asked for the actor by asking, “Where is Juhi Ma’am, I can’t see Juhi Ma’am.”

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When the fan did not stop even after the judge’s order, Justice JR Midha ordered to initiate contempt proceedings against Juhi’s fan. “Please identify and issue contempt notice. Contact Delhi Police IT Department. We will issue notice,” Livelaw quoted Justice Midha as saying.

Juhi had also shared the link to the virtual hearing on her Instagram page. Reacting to the actor’s action, the court said that the suit was likely for ‘publicity.’ “It appears suit was filed for publicity. Juhi Chawla circulated link of the hearing on social media”, the high court added.

The actor had also become a topic of social media ridicule after the high court imposed a hefty financial penalty on her.

What was Juhi Chawla’s plea on 5G?

In her original plea, Juhi had said that the implementation of 5G network in the country would spare no one including person, animal, bird, insect and plant on Earth.

The former co-star of Shah Rukh Khan had added that 5G rollout would cause serious, irreversible effects on humans and inflict permanent damage to all of the Earth’s ecosystems.

She had urged the court to direct the authorities to assure the public at large, that 5G technology was safe to humankind, man, woman, adult, child, infant, animals and every type of living organism, flora and fauna.