Deepika Padukone reveals how Atul Kasbekar was instrumental in shaping her Bollywood career


Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone has revealed how she chose to become a top actor in the Hindi film industry despite being a daughter of a World Cup winning badminton player. She said that her decision to not follow her father Prakash Padukone, the then World Number 1 badminton player, and turn to Bollywood had given her parents sleepless nights.

Speaking to India Today, Deepika also shared how Atul Kasbekar was instrumental in convincing her parents to travel to Mumbai to choose Bollywood as her career option. “I think it was a combination of, being at the right place, at the right time combined with talent, combined with hard work, dedication, sacrifices. I think it was combination of all of these things.

“The fact that I made the move, the fact that I had, say, Anila Anand in my life, who encouraged me and pushed me in that direction. Or the fact that back then Atul Kasbekar was the first first to speak to them (parents) that she needs to move to Mumbai. Spotting that talent, coming on as my agent at that time..I think one thing kind of led to the other,” she said.

Atul was recently in news after an anonymous woman had accused him and Cheat India director Soumik Sen sleazebags. He had vehemently denied the allegations made against him.

Recalling how she decided to move to Mumbai at the age of 18, she said, “It was very very exciting. Today, when I think about the decision that I made when I was 18, I sometimes have that moment when I think ‘Wow. How did I even make that decision and how did I not realise that how big decision it was at that time. But at that time, it was very easy.”

Deepika, who is getting married to her Padmaavat co-star Ranveer Singh on 14 November, said that she did suffer from insecurities but they were good for her progress as an actor. She said, “I think insecurities are good. I think again it depends what you make of the competition, what you make of insecurities. I think it’s important to be insecure. It’s important to walk on shaky grounds because that’s the only thing that keeps you going. That’s the only thing that drives you, that motivates you. That’s what sports teaches you.”

She also revealed that it was important for her to keep protecting herself because of the kind of industry she worked in. “I have also learnt to protect myself if I may say. I think that’s how I would put it. I think in today’s world and the profession that I am in, it’s equally important to express yourself, to be authentic and to protect yourself in whatever you do.”

Deepika was joined by her father Prakash Padukone for during the interview (watch below). When asked whether the family treated Deepika like a star at home, the Padukone senior said, “Absolutely not. You could ask anybody, who visits us at home. Somebody will have to come and remind us that Deepika is a star. Otherwise we are anybody else. We are like normal people. There are absolutely no tantrums. She is never treated like s star. She doesn’t expect and we won’t do that also.”

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