When condom brand accused Arnab Goswami of ‘always’ having Sunny Leone in his mind


Arnab Goswami was jubilant on 23 May after results indicated a landslide win for Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led BJP and its alliance, the NDA. Goswami’s channel Republic TV had predicted more than 300 seats for the NDA. However, in his excitement over the BJP’s victory, Goswami refererd to Sunny Deol as Sunny Leone.  While informing his audience about BJP candidate Sunny Deol’s lead from Gurdaspur, Goswami said on LIVE TV that ‘Sunny Leone’ was winning from Gurdaspur.

Arnab Goswami

Since the gaffe took place right in the middle of the full blown coverage on the counting day, soon social media exploded with memes and jokes on Goswami. Pornstar-Bollywood actor Sunny Leone too took to social media to wonder her lead in the Lok Sabha polls. But, the quirkiest response came from a famous condom brand Menforce, which wrote addressing Leone, “Hope you’re not tired with all the running that you do in our minds.’ the condom maker then turned to Goswami and implied that the pornstar was dominating the thoughts of the Republic TV founder even when he ought to have focussed on his most pressing commitment on TV.

The screenshot posted by Menforce had a caption that read, “Dear Arnab, we understand. She’s always in our minds as well. #THENATIONKNOWS.” The Nation wants to know became a popular catch phrase during Goswami’s term as the head of Times Now TV, where he was often seen demanding answers from his guests claiming that this is what the nation wanted to know.

While everyone reported Goswami’s gaffe on Leone and Menforce’s reply, everyone appeared to ignore the insinuation in Menforce’s tweet, which suggested that Goswami was thinking about a pornstar all the time.

Sunny Deol indeed went on to wrest Gurdaspur seat from the Congress, which had won this prestigious parliamentary seat in the bypolls in the last year’s bypolls. Sunil Jakhar, who won the seat for the Congress in October last year, lost to Sunny Deol, not Sunny Leone, by over 80,000 votes.

Note: Sunny Leone has blocked Janta Ka Reporter after we prominently ran the videos of Cobrapost Operation Karaoke, where she was seen agreeing to campaign for the BJP by using her social media pages if the central government granter her Canadian husband an OCI status.