Chinese embassy shares Arnab Goswami’s ‘rant’ against US; Republic TV founder sets Twitter on fire


Arnab Goswami has become a new trend on Twitter after a Chinese embassy shared his ‘rant’ against the US on the Ukraine crisis. The development has set Twitter on fire as users began to react to debate the Republic TV founder’s popularity even in China.

While debating the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, Goswami lashed out at an American panelist. Addressing his American guest, a professor, Goswami said, “Now I tell you something….First of all, with the greatest of respect, you have no moral standing to talk. You have no position, you as in America, America is in no position to pretend to be the guardian of democracy and human rights.”

Goswami did not stop here as he highlighted the human rights violations committed by the US and its allied forces in several parts of the world including Iraq and Libya. “You are the worst perpetrators of atrocities. You and Barack Obama in 2011 intervened in the nascent Libyan civil war using the NATO and Arab League partners to prolong the war…You launched an armed conflict in at least six countries.”

Soon the video of Goswami’s rant began to be fervently shared by the Chinese embassy in France and other social media influencers. Sharing Goswami’s video with Chinese subtitles and dramatic music, the official Twitter account of the Chinese embassy in France wrote, “America is in no position to pretend to be the guardian of democracy and human rights!” Indian anchor debating with an American professor.”

While Goswami’s detractors were quick to share another video of the Republic TV founder from his earlier debates where he was seen lecturing a Chinese guest to not preach India on democracy. The TV anchor’s supporters, however, used the opportunity to highlight his popularity even in China.

India has remained impartial in the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and has chosen to abstain from any voting in the United Nations. The American guest in question was seen urging India to break its neutrality and take a stand in the conflict. The US and the UK are supporting Ukraine and have imposed a series of sanctions against Russia and its billionaire oligarchs.