“Case of kidnapping and ransom”: Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik rips into NCB officer after Bombay High Court’s order on Aryan Khan made public


Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik on Saturday ripped into NCB officer Sameer Wankhede after the Bombay High Court’s order granting bail to Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan was made public. Malik, who’s been relentlessly exposing Wankhede, repeated his claims that the decision to arrest Aryan Khan was to extort money from his actor Dad.

Malik tweeted, “High Court order proves that the #AryanKhan case was a case of Kidnapping and Ransom. It was pre planned but a selfie released in public domain failed the plan. The Farjiwada now stands exposed.”

This was after it emerged that the Bombay High Court had rejected the Narcotics Control Bureau’s claims on the conspiracy hatched by Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan in the drug racket case. In a detailed bail order on Aryan Khan and his friends Arbaaz Merchant, the Bombay High Court said that there was no evidence to infer that they committed offence under the Narcotics Drug and Psychotropic Substance Act.

The Bombay High Court also rejected the NCB’s claims that there was anything objectionable in Aryan Khan’s WhatsApp chat. The court said in its order, “After having gone through the Whats-App chats extracted from Applicant/Accused no. 1’s(Khan) phone, nothing objectionable could be noticed to suggest that Applicant nos. 1 & 2(Arbaaz Merchant) or all three applicants alongwith other Accused persons in agreement have meeting of minds and have hatched conspiracy committing the offence in question.”

Curiously, the NCB had built its case against Aryan based on Aryan’s WhatsApp chat when the celebrity son’s lawyer highlighted how the anti-drug agency had failed to recover any banned substances from his possession.

Aryan was arrested along with seven others from a Goa-bound cruise ship on 3 October this year. He had to spend several weeks in Mumbai’s Arthur Road jail since the NCB accused him of the consumption of drugs. Although Aryan’s lawyers argued that nothing was found from his possession, the NCB sought to make a case against him citing WhatsApp chats.