Buoyed by proceedings in Bombay High Court, Arnab Goswami decides to sue Mumbai Police Commissioner for Rs. 200 crore; Salman Khan mocks Republic TV founder on Bigg Boss once again?


In a sensational development, Arnab Goswami has decided to file a defamation case against Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh claiming Rs. 200 crore in compensation for dragging the names of the controversial anchor and his media outlet, Republic TV, in the TRP scam. This came just a day after Salman Khan indirectly hit back at Goswami second time in a row by mocking his yelling during the weekend episode of Bigg Boss.

In a statement, Republic TV said that it had directed Phoenix Legal to initiate the proceedings to ‘sue Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh for Rs. 200 crore damages.’ According to the statement, while Rs. 100 crore was for the damage to the reputation of Arnab Goswami, another Rs. 100 crore was sought for ‘the damage caused to Republic Media Network.’

“At present, the legal teams of Republic are in the process of filing the defamation suit against Param Bir Singh,” the statement read.

Goswami’s decision to sue Singh came moments after the Maharashtra government informed the Bombay High Court that the Republic TV founder had not been named as an accused in the TRP scam. Goswami had moved the high court seeking protection from arrest, but the Bench comprising Justices SS Shinde and MS Karnik refused to agree with Goswami’s lawyer, Harish Salve’s arguments.

The statement by Republic TV read, “While Param Bir Singh went on a media overdrive attempting to sully the name of Republic on the basis of vindictiveness instead of evidence, the truth has triumphed once again– and this time reiterated by those in his own quarters of power before a court of law. The Maharashtra Government’s admission in court today comes as a huge victory to Republic that has consistently maintained there was no malpractice by the Network.”

Elsewhere, Salman Khan appeared to dig one more potshot at Goswami by mocking his shouting and catchphrase ‘Nation Wants To Know’ as he spoke to Bigg Boss contestants.

Goswami had reacted angrily when Salman took a dig the first time during a Weekend Kaa War show earlier this month.