BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia faces condemnation for using obscene words for Jat leader Sis Ram Ola in Aaj Tak show

गौरव भाटिया

BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia is facing widespread condemnation after he was seen using obscene language for late Sis Ram Ola, one of the tallest leaders from the Jat community, during a TV show.

गौरव भाटिया

Referring to the late politician from Rajasthan, Bhatia said, “I remember how in June 2013, Sis Ram Ola was 85 years of age. The Congress government was expanding the cabinet. Manmohan Singh was trying to find energy in someone who had his tools in shambles.”

Bhatia himself shared the video by repeating the derogatory words used for Sis Ram Ola in his caption.

As expected, the BJP spokesperson began to face condemnation from his political rivals. RLD’s Jayant Chaudhary tweeted, “Chuadhary Sis Ram Ola was a tall leader. His image was of an upright and decent man. I saw him working for people on many occasions. He would sit with young parliamentarians. I was fortunate to receive his blessings. It feels sad to see arrogant people intoxicated in power are insulting him today.”

Randeep Singh Surjewala from the Congress demanded an apology from Bhatia as he wrote, “Chaudhary Sis Ram Ola was a tall farmer leader in the country. He was connected to his roots and continues to be fondly remembered in Rajasthan. Insulting him after his death shows BJP’s hatred for farmers and people of Rajasthan.”