BBC faces widespread ridicule for ‘vagina’ subtitle blunder during coverage on Queen’s death


British public broadcaster, the BBC, on Friday faced widespread public ridicule after several viewers noticed that the TV channel had wrongly flashed Queen Regina as the ‘Queen vagina.’

Queen Regina

The public broadcaster was covering the tragic death of the monarch as it shifted its discussion to the transition of the monarchy to King Charles III. Charles, who had travelled to Balmoral Castle in Scotland after hearing the news of his mother’s health, had returned to London on Friday. He was accompanied by his wife Camilla, who will now be called as the Queen Consort.

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BBC newsreaders explained how Camilla was a Queen Consort and the Queen Regina. However, the TV channel’s subtitles mistook Regina for a vagina. Eagle-eyed Twitter users were quick to highlight the embarrassing gaffe by the BBC on the social media platform.

One wrote, “Dear BBC News, kindly tweet a footage that shows “the Queen of Vagina” subtitle appeared on the screen during news reporting, please.”

Another commented, “The BBC called her the vagina instead of Regina today in their subtitles! Maybe it wasn’t a mistake. A fitting place for the royal tampax!”

“And according to BBC subtitles today, she’ll be Queen Consort, not Queen vagina,” wrote another user. Another user commented, “BBC subtitles spectacularly mishearing the words “Queen Regina” during a conversation about Camilla just now. #KingCharles.”

Charles was earlier married to Lady Diana from whom he has two children, William and Harry. While William is married to Kate, Harry’s wife is Megan.

Charles later married Camilla after Diana’s death.

The Queen died on Thursday at the age of 96 at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.