Aryan Khan was kidnapped: Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik makes stunning allegation, wants Shah Rukh Khan to break silence


Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik on Sunday made stunning allegations against the Narcotics Control Bureau and its officer, Sameer Wankhede, accusing them of kidnapping Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan to extort money. The minister, who’s been relentlessly exposing Wankhede and his alleged dirty links dubious individuals, urged Shah Rukh to break his silence saying that paying ransom to release his son was not a crime.

Malik said that a trap was laid with the help of Pratik Gaba and Amir Furniturewala, who invited Aryan Khan to the cruise. Shah Rukh’s son, the minister added, had not purchased the ticket for the cruise party.

Malik told reporters that the Bollywood superstar was being threatened to stay silent from day one since his manager Pooha Dadlani’s name figured in the case.

“Shah Rukh Khan is being threatened that he would be in trouble since he paid the ransom. Victims are never criminals. I urge them to come forward and speak.” Malik said.

According to the minister, it was KP Gosavi’s selfie with Aryan Khan that ruined Wankhede’s plans.

Malik alleged that BJP leader Mohit Kamboj was a member of Sameer Wankhede’s private army. Kamboj had held an extraordinary press conference in support of Wankhede on Saturday. Malik said that both Kamboj and Wankhede had met at a cemetery on the night of 7 October, four days after Aryan Khan’s arrest.

Malik also released a video of lawyer, Pradeep Nambiar and one Rajkumar Bajaj saying that both of them were also members of Wankhede’s private army.

He tweeted, “Adv. Pradeep Nambiar and Rajkumar Bajaj (RK Bajaj) are members of Wankhede’s Private army and can be seen here extorting money.”

Malik has been accusing Wankhede of arresting Shah Rukh Khan’s son allegedly to extort Rs. 8 crore from the famous superstar. This was alleged by an NCB witness, Prabhakar Sail, in an affidavit. Sail, who worked as Kiran Gosavi’s bodyguard, had alleged that Rs. 25 crore was meant to be collected of which Rs. 8 crore was meant to be given to Wankhede.

Sail’s allegations were confirmed by Sam D’Souza, who told the Bombay High Court that he had indeed received Rs. 50 lakh from Shah Rukh’s manager, Pooja Dadlani.

Malik had also raised questions on Wankhede’s ability to afford an expensive lifestyle with his shoes, watches and shirts costing several lakhs of rupees. Wankhede’s sister had said that her brother saved money to buy expensive accessories every year.