Arnab Goswami’s ‘advisor’ and Republic TV anchor caught posting fake video, refuses to delete even after criticism


Not too long ago, Janta Ka Reporter had exposed Arnab Goswami for peddling fake news on Congress manifesto in the last year’s Telangana assembly polls. Weeks later, the channel is once again facing flak from social media users after Goswami’s ‘advisor’ and Republic TV anchor Major (retd) Gaurav Arya posted a fake video on Twitter.

Arnab Goswami
Photo: Republic TV

Arya, who’s often seen flying the flag for the BJP on Republic TV, posted a video on his Twitter timeline with a following message;

“On 27 Feb freedom fighters of Baloch Republic Army attacked 3 Pak Army posts in Mand area, Distt Kech, Balochistan. So ferocious was the attack that soldiers of Frontier Corps ran away. They were caught by Pak Army SSG & thrashed brutally. See Pak Army without clothes.”

Arya’s Tweet implied that Baloch rebels had attacked three posts of the Pakistani army, forcing them to leave their posts and run away. The soldiers of the Frontier Corps of the Pakistani army, according to Arya’s claims, were later caught by the Pakistani Army’s SSG unit and thrashed as part of their punishment.

According to Arya, the attack by the Baloch rebels on the Pakistani Army posts took place on 27 February this year. However, the same video was uploaded on YouTube on 5 February 2019. This clearly establishes that there’s no truth in Arya’s claims. If the incident took place on 27 February as Arya claims, how was the same video uploaded on 5 February?

The same video was posted with a headline ‘Pak Army SSG training | world most dangerous training in Pakistan.’

YouTube is replete with similar videos of the SSG Commando training by the Pakistani army. Some of them are more than one year old.

Last year, just before the assembly polls in Telangana, Goswami was caught spreading fake news on the Congress manifesto claiming that some of its promises were only meant to help Muslims and exclude other religious groups. However, Janta Ka Reporter had  debunked Goswami’s claims.

Meanwhile, many social media users have asked Arya to delete the video by highlighting that he was peddling fake news, but he has refused to do so.