Why are unforgiving fans unfollowing Anushka Sharma on Instagram?


Actor Anushka Sharma on Friday posted her photos on Instagram with shirt that had a comic character Suppandi on the back of her shirt. She posted two photos with a caption ‘Chilling with #Suppandi on set.’

No sooner had she posted the photos, her fans began to give her grief yet again with many continuing to sound even more unforgiving towards her for her decision to publicly shame a man in a viral littering video.

User Ayush Pandey asked, “Why you’re throwing garbage on Instagram?” User Sws asked, “Why I am following this garbage girl. by by (sic), u lost one follower.” User G Prashanth was even more demeaning as he wrote, “Hello Kachrewali (garbage lady).” One of her fans, identified as Prakriti Sharma, asked, “Why are you such a garbage?” Another user Pikaachuu demanded apology from the actor. There were many who said they were now unfollowing the actor on Instagram.

Chilling with #Suppandi on set ?| #NUSHxSuppandi | @nushbrand | @tinklecomicsstudio

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Anushka had faced incessant trolling a day ago when she posted a video montage of her collection Nush  with the caption, “Your shopping cart is about to get bigger than ever?? Create a wish list with all the #NUSH looks you love & shop ’em all at @myntra’s End of Reason Sale from 22nd to 25th June! #MyntraEORS | @nushbrand” Many users had addressed her as a ‘garbage lady’ and asked her not to dump her garbage on Instagram.

Anushka has been dominating the news coverage up and down the country for last few days after her cricketer husband Virat Kohli posted a video of her scolding a man for allegedly throwing a piece of plastic on the road.

The video went viral even though there was no evidence to suggest that the man, identified as Arhhan Singh, had committed a crime deserving of such public shaming. Both Anushka and Virat faced incessant trolling prompting Singh and his mother Gittanjali Elizabeth to post two hard-hitting responses.

Even amidst widespread criticism, Anushka and Virat had received plaudits from two senior ministers of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cabinet. Both Kiren Rijiju and Ravi Shankar Prasad had taken to Twitter to applaud her and Virat for scolding Singh for allegedly littering the road.