Amraparali housing scam comes to haunt Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s wife Sakshi as she lashes out at government for power crisis

Photo Instagrammed by Sakshi Singh Rawat

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s wife Sakshi Singh Rawat has hit out at the government of Jharkhand for the power crisis for ‘so many years.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Photo Instagrammed by Sakshi Singh Rawat

An angry wife of the former captain of India took to Twitter to share her frustration. She wrote, “As a tax payer of Jharkhand just want to know why is there a power crisis in Jharkhand since so many years ? We are doing our part by consciously making sure we save energy!”

Sakshi has chosen to tweet after nine months of staying away from the microblogging site.

Several parts of India are going through heatwave due to a rise in temperature in the last few days. This has resulted in frequent power cuts in Jharkhand and other parts of India.

Sakshi’s tweet, however, evoked ironic response from Twitter users, who reminded Dhoni’s wife how they had suffered badly by investing in Amrapali housing project. Dhoni was the brand ambassador of the Amrapali project before the company went bust.

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One asked, “I have the same question as a loyal amarpali flats buyer.” “No electricity in Amrapali flats as well,” commented another user. Another user asked, “Where is my hard earned money and #AmpraniFlat which you looted bhabhiji???”

In 2016, Dhoni had ended his association with the Amrapali Group after social media users mounted a huge campaign against the cricketer for being associated with a company, which had allegedly let down thousands of its customers.

However, new facts had revealed that Sakshi was a partner in Amrapali Group’s company Amrapali Mahi Private Limited. Sakshi, according to details, had 25 percent stakes in the company. The company had confirmed that while Sakshi was indeed a partner in Amrapali Mahi Private Limited, the company was never operational.