Ameesha Patel flooded with dirty messages after she posts photos in sport bra


Actor Ameesha Patel may have disappeared off Bollywood radar, but the Kaho Naa Pyar Hai actor has continued to find herself in news for one reason or the other.

Social media platforms, particularly Instagram, is one place where the actress has been generating quite a lot of buzz because of constant trolling. She has often found herself at the receiving end of nasty trolls.

Only last month, Ameesha had faced incessant trolling after her photos in printed off-shoulder strapless dress invited lewd comments for the actress. Undeterred by the criticism from her haters, Ameesha went about with her normal life and kept posting photos from her trip to Dubai, where she appears to be spending plenty of time these days.

Ameesha had posted a series of photos of her recent shoot in black dress on Monday. As expected, her timeline was inundated with dirty messages with users seeking sexual favour. Others targeted her with lewd comments on her breasts. The comments are so objectionable in nature that they can’t be reproduced here.

Black magic ???????

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Ameesha’s trolling continued unabated a day later when she posted another set of photos in sports bra, seemingly shooting for a sport clothing brand. Her caption read, “And here is another picture from the shoot with @subisamuel .. SUBI u r addictive .. had such a blast shooting with u 15 days ago .. need to shoot together soon. (sic)”

While this photo evoked some positive comments too as users appeared to have been taken aback by her fitness, there were many sick trolls, who continued to target her with objectionable comments.

Last year in October, Ameesha had faced incessant trolling and slut-shaming after she posted a photo of her in undergarments. While many fans had appreciated her beauty and just how she was taking care of her body through rigorous fitness regime, there were some, who had targeted her with lewd comments.