Actress Ameesha Patel faces lewd remarks about her body, yet again


Actor Ameesha Patel may have gone into an oblivion of sorts, but it seems trolls on social media haven’t given up their urge to give the actor grief. Only earlier this week, we reported how the Kaho Naa Pyar Hai actor had faced nasty trolling as users on Instagram made desperate attempts to body shame her.

Ameesha Patel

Ameesha on Thursday posted a collage photo of herself with a caption ‘Work mode .. shoot mode.’ In the photo (see below), Ameesha is wearing printed off-shoulder strapless dress. Within minutes of the actress posting her photo, the trolls began to target her with lewd comments.

One user wrote, “send your bathtub pic.” Another wrote, “You clothes full down then nice look.shameless.” Then there were many who made lewd remarks on Ameesha’s breasts.

Work mode .. shoot mode ❤️?????

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Ameesha on Monday had faced similar trolling after she posted a series of photos with her fans in Dubai, where she is currently visiting. In the photos, she is seen spending time with her fans. Attired in a black and white striped low-neck gown, Ameesha looked like a style diva. The caption of one of her photos had read, “Thank u my lovely fans in DUBAI for all the love and affection.”

Another photo of Ameesha was a close-up, where the actress is seen dressed in a stylish black knee-length outfit with sporadic white stripe. This and her previous photo did not appear to go down well with her trolls, who began to post nasty comments slut-shaming her.

Stripes and stairs ????

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She had briefly hit news headlines for wrong reasons as her family feud became public in the past. The actress had waged a war against her father, Amit Patel, while accusing him of siphoning her well-earned money. This was after her parents slammed Ameesha’s then live-in partner Vikram Bhatt.

Ameesha had earlier posted a video of her latest endorsement shoot on Instagram with a caption, ‘Endorsement shoot for Karam Syrup .. great working with director Roop Nayak.’ Her video was met with plenty of comments by fans who responded with remarks such as ‘Love you rose,’ and ‘You are the girl of my dreams .’

Endorsement shoot for Karam Syrup .. great working with director Roop Nayak ??????

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Last year in October, Ameesha had faced incessant trolling and slut-shaming after she posted a photo of her in undergarments. While many fans had appreciated her beauty and just how she was taking care of her body through rigorous fitness regime, there were some, who had targeted her with lewd comments.


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