Rs 2,000 nano chip fame Aaj Tak TV presenter faces criticism for ‘give and take’ tweet on Naseeruddin Shah


Remember Aaj Tak journalist Sweta Singh, who shot to fame with her incredible theory on Rs 2,000 note carrying a nano chip? She is back in news once again after she took to Twitter to criticise Naseeruddin Shah for his recent comments on growing menace of the right-wing terrorism in India under the patronage of BJP governments.

Sweta Singh

Her tweet suggesting that Naseeruddin Shah should consider striking a ‘give and take’ deal or quid pro quo exercise to stay silent on intolerance debate has evoked angry reactions. Singh had written in her tweet in Hindi, “Naseeruddin Shah is a fine actor. He’s also won many awards. He should do a quid pro quo for some more awards and end this intolerance chapter too. This has become boring.” She ended her social media post with hashtag #NaseeruddinShah.

No sooner had she posted her tweet, the Aaj Tak anchor began to face social media roasting with many expressing their displeasure at her suggestion to Shah for indulging in potential corrupt practices to win more awards.

Noted film director Anuabh Sinha wrote, “‘Le De Ke Baat khatm karein’ Achcha hai. (Do a quid pro quo and end the matter. Very good). Says a lot.”

Radhika Khera of the Congress reminded Singh how she herself was responsible for showing ‘frightening’ news on her channel every day. “Intolerance, lynching, rape, fight over castes, are you intending to end these issues too through quid pro quo exercise?”

Here are some more reactions on social media;

In 2016, days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi had made a shock announcement of banning Rs 500 and Rs 1,000, a video of Sweta Singh had gone viral. In the video, a group of Aaj Tak journalists could be seen forming a huddle with Sweta ‘enlightening’ her in-house audience about the latest innovation related to Rs 2,000 note.

Singh, who won the day for her passion, was seen telling her ‘audience,’ “…There are three things we know (on nano GPS chip in Rs 2,000). The new note has nano technology GPS. If there are too many notes lying together at one place, then not only will the law enforcing agencies be alerted about it but even the Income Tax department will receive a signal. Because the note will transmit a signal directly to satellite, which will reach there so that the money can be recovered.”

Here’s that video: