6 killed in mass shooting inside Russia school


At least six people are reported to have been killed and many injured after a gunman went on a rampage in an act of mass shooting in a school in Russia.

According to local Russian media, the incident took place inside a school in the city of Izhevsk. The school has more than 1,000 students and around 80 teachers. Among those dead are pupils and a security guard.

The gunman, whose identity is not known yet, later killed himself. It’s not clear what prompted the gunman to carry out this attack.

Quoting a state MP, the Tass news agency reported that the gunman was armed with two pistols.

According to the BBC, the school is located in the centre of Izhevsk, a city of about 650,000 residents, close to central government buildings.

According to reports, the gunman killed the security guard before entering the premises of the school. He began to indiscriminately fire at school children. Several children have sustained injuries. Children were busy in their lessons when the gunman, dressed in a black suit, entered room 403 on the fourth floor and opened fire.