Actor Nakuul Mehta’s heart-wrenching rendition of poetry ‘Marghat Ka Shahanshah’ or King of Crematorium is breaking internet


Actor Nakuul Mehta’s rendition of a hard-hitting poetry indirectly aimed at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s alleged communal politics has gone viral on social media. Titled as Marghat Ka Shahanshah (King of Crematorium), the poem takes a dig at Prime Minister Modi for his past comments on Qabristan and Shamshan (Crematorium).

Nakuul is heard saying in the video, “He had no limits to his aspirations. He kept marching towards new heights by climbing the stairs made of dead bodies. He wanted to be declared as God but he was reduced to being the King Of Crematorium.”

He continues, “You stop erecting concrete structures over the graves of your loved ones. He will mistake it as his stage and climb on top of them. He will then start his speeches thinking that some dead bodies may come to listen to him.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his trusted lieutenant Amit Shah have faced flak in the recent past for going ahead with their election rallies in Bengal even when scores died of COVID-19 across India including their home state of Gujarat, where crematoriums struggled to cope with the overflow of dead bodies.

Taking a dig at the Modi government’s incompetency in ensuring an adequate supply of oxygen amidst the second wave of the pandemic, Nakuul says, “Why would the person, who made tireless efforts in making the atmosphere poisonous would bring oxygen for you? Why would a person, who made a differentiation between Qabristan and Shamshan,  construct hospitals for you?”

The last few concluding lines of his poetry say that it’s not that the politician in question doesn’t love his people or he doesn’t want them to stay alive. “Just don’t say anything to him. Only, keep listening to him. The day is not far when, leave the living human beings, he would make dead bodies vote for him,” Nakuul concludes.

The video of the actor’s poetry rendition has gone viral on social media, evoking strong reactions from Twitterati. Modi had famously promised to build crematoriums during an election rally for the assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh in 2017.

Modi had said, “If you create qabristan (graveyard for Muslims) in a village, then a shamshaan (cremation ground) should also be created. If electricity is given uninterrupted in Ramzaan (Holy month for Muslims), then it should be given in Diwali without a break. there should be no discrimination.”