Ramdev mocked for using ‘peda’ justification to describe food poisoning of aide


Ramdev’s close aide Balkrishna had to be rushed to All India Institute of Medical Sciences on Friday amidst reports of Patanjali chief suffering a heart attack. Although the controversial Yoga guru later issued a desperate clarification that his close friend had fainted after consuming a peda (Indian sweets made of milk and sugar). However, much to their discomfort, the news of Balkrishna became a topic of social media ridicule as netizens began to poke fun at Ramdev and the quality of his company’s products.

What prompted many mock Ramdev and his ailing aide Balkrishna was the controversial  baba’s clarification which read, “Grateful to those who have expressed their concern for Acharya Balkrishna’s health. A person had brought a sweet on the occasion of  Janamashtmi. He fainted after consuming that sweet. Now his condition is coming back to normal slowly. With your prayers and the blessings of God, Acharya will recover soon.”

While social media users had sympathy for the poor health of the billionaire Patanjali chief, they detected a sense of humour in Ramdev’s clarification that the key reason why Balkrishna had fainted was the consumption of peda. Many users wondered if the peda was made by Patanjali, while others mocked Ramdev for seeking a cure in allopathy despite promoting the use of herbal and ayurvedic medicines for years.

Balkrishna too came for ridicule since, only a few days ago, he had tweeted promoting tulsi, an Indian herb, for preventing heart attack.

Here’s how social media reacted:

47-year-old Balkrishna is of Nepali origin was included in the list of billionaires in 2017 after Patanjali’s earnings soared. However, the company has witnessed a downward growth in recent months with Balkrishna blaming the demonetisation and the rollout of GST for the company’s decline in sales.