Meme fest after Nirmala Sitharaman accused of ignoring middle class in Budget 2022


When Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Tuesday presented the annual budget for 2022, little did she realise that she would trigger a meme fest on social media. This was after many including her political adversary and Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi, accused her government of ignoring the country’s middle class in the budget.

Gandhi took to Twitter to mock Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s surname by adding zero as he wrote, “M0di G0vernment’s Zer0 Sum Budget! Nothing for
Salaried class, Middle class, The poor & deprived, Youth, Farmers, MSMEs.”

In another social media post on Instagram, Gandhi wrote, “There is despair all around our country, our youth have no future and once again the Modi govt’s budget completely ignores this painful reality. #Budget2022.”

But his comments appeared to irk Sitharaman, who responded in anger during her post-budget press conference. She said, “I wish as a leader of the oldest political party in the country, Rahul Gandhi, please understand what is being said in the Budget.”

Gandhi wasn’t alone in accusing Sitharaman of ignoring India’s middle class. Twitter erupted with hilarious meme fest as netizens began to mock the finance minister for not announcing any benefits for the country’s tax-paying middle earners. One user wrote, “Story of Every Budget: Poor gets Poorer, Rich gets richer and Middle Class Gets the Middle finger. #Budget2022.”

Another commented, “Budget 2022 in short: Indian middle class will die paying taxes.”

Others simply chose to use hilarious memes to express their disappointment.

Sitharaman finished her budget speech in just 90 minutes, making it her shortest speech to date.