Watch how govt bank official refuses to exchange invalid notes to lady customer


A video of a government bank employee, reportedly from the State Bank of India, rudely refusing to exchange invalid notes to a hapless woman customer has now gone viral.

In the video, the bank official in question can be seen ill-treating the customer for attempting to exchange the old notes even though she did not have an account with that branch.

The woman desperately reminds the official about the RBI notification, which did not attach any such conditions for customers to exchange their old currency with new ones.

The woman from Mysore in Karnataka wrote in her Facebook post, “As per the RBI notifications we approached the bank with all valid forms and documents for the 500 rs note exchange. But the bank employees including both the deputy manager and branch manager present at the bank rudely turned down and denied the exchange stating ” We provide note exchanges to our branch customers only””.

“And this honourable man seated at the cashier counter was the rudest of them all stating that he is a Govt employee and they were well aware of all rules. Inspite of showing them the notification from RBI which clearly states that a Valid ID and the exchange request form is sufficient to avail an exchange of upto rs 4000 these “GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES” continued this behaviour for a long time.” (sic)

The woman later added that she finally received her “share of exchange notes , but not without some more haggles, taunts and harsh words from the manager.”

She ended her post by urging the officials to educate the bank employees in such desperate times.