Thieves steal car from Supreme Court’s official parking bay


Thieves in Delhi stole a car belonging to a Supreme Court lawyer from the apex court’s designated parking area last week exposing the incompetency of the Delhi Police in maintaining law and order in the national capital.

steal car supreme court

Writing to members, the Supreme Court Bar Association’s general secretary, Gaurav Bhatia wrote, “Respected members are informed that car of one our colleague was stolen on 14.07.2017 from parking area, in front of V.K.Krishna Menon Bhavan, New Delhi. In this connection, the undersigned called Mr. K.B.Marwaha, Addl. Registrar, Supreme Court of India and Asstt. Commissioner of Police, Supreme Court (Security) at the place of incident and requested them to ensure that stolen car is recovered and also to take measures to prevent such incidents from happening in future.”

While the lawyers’ body at the Supreme Court has begun introducing more robust measures to ensure such incidents are not repeated, the latest incident must cause embarrassment to Delhi Police.

The cops in Delhi have become notorious for their lethargy and unresponsive behaviour.

Janta Ka Reporter highlighted two major incidents of lapses in the last couple of weeks, where the cops ought to have taken actions against their own guilty officials. But they did not.

On first occasion, the Delhi Police refused to act against a rich lady, whose video of publicly assaulting a poor driver in presence of traffic police personnel had gone viral. The story, exclusively published by us, was widely shared for thousands of times with prominent citizens quoting our video to demand action against both the lady and traffic cops, but an arrogant Delhi Police had refused to react.

Days later, we carried the stunning audio recording of a cop threatening to kill activist Shabnam Hashmi and others who did not possess Aadhaar card. Once again, the police showed no desire to act.


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