Delhi woman behaves like goon, terrorises poor driver in police presence


Crime against women has become a real menace in India with the numbers gaining alarming proportion in the recent years. Delhi, in particular, has earned a notoriety for being one of the most unsafe place for women.

delhi woman like goon

However, after watching the video below, you would be forced to change your view both about women safety in India’s national capital and the discourse on their so-called empowerment.

In the video, which has now gone viral on social media platforms, a woman is seen terrorising a poor driver by repeatedly demanding that he produce his driving licence.

The incident took place in Delhi’s Mayapuri, said several reports.

The woman, dressed in blue is also accompanied by another female friend, who assists her in snatching the licence from the man, seen scurrying for protection from the women’s terror.

What’s shocking here is the utter collusion by the Delhi traffic police personnel who do nothing to protect the driver from their fury.

The angry woman hurls abuses before launching brutal physical assaults on the man. She even threatens the cops of contacts in a ministry. At one point, the woman in question calls up someone ‘powerful’ and instructs a traffic cop to speak to that individual but the latter refuses.

The action was understandably to exhibit her contacts with the powerful people in the government.

The reason for the woman’s anger is not known but nothing can justify citizens taking law in their hands. This incident too qualifies as public lynching and Delhi Police must act against the women in the video.

Netizens have now demanded the immediate arrest of the woman in the video.

Here’s how they reacted;

Uday Singh: This lady must be punished.

Shaheryar Ahmad: Shameful.. And look at the police personnel, they are so spineless.

Edward Nixon: Oh Lady shame, shamed the Delhi

Jatinderpalsingh Chadha: What does this ameerzaadi (spoiled rich woman) want?

While Janta Ka Reporter has always taken a stand on crimes against women, we unequivocally condemn such acts of terrorism where even members of law enforcing agencies join the perpetrators in their brutality against the victim.


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