Rahul Gandhi opens up about sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, reveals why she entered politics late


Congress President Rahul Gandhi has opened up about his relationship with sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra for the first time. Speaking exclusively to Janta Ka Reporter’s editor-in-chief Rifat Jawiad, Gandhi finally revealed why Priyanka had entered active politics so late, just weeks before the Lok Sabha polls.

Rahul Gandhi

Gandhi revealed that he had persuaded his sister to enter active politics and accept a role in the party long ago, but she refused citing child commitments. “I’d spoken to my sister and we’d agreed that till her children were at home, and going to school, she wouldn’t be involved in politics. She wasn’t able to do it. I did ask her a couple of times and then I thought it was unfair of me to pressurise her and possibly make life difficult for her children.”

Priyanka was assigned the post of AICC General Secretary in-charge of Eastern Uttar Pradesh in late January this year. But she could not actively start campaigning for her party until March. Her public events have often been attended by large enthusiastic crowds. Her ability to connect with her detractors has earned her considerable plaudits. More recently, she got off her car in Indore to greet a group of BJP supporters, who were teasing her by chanting ‘Modi, Modi.’ The video of Priyanka stopping her cavalcade to greet BJP supporters had gone viral on social media.

Gandhi was asked if he frequently exchanged notes with sister Priyanka while on the campaign trail. He said, “All the time, and we don’t actually have to bump into each other. We carry each other in our hearts. So we’ve been through a lot together and we love each other. And we’re very similar in many ways.”

He was referring to a video of accidentally bumping into his sister in Kanpur when both their planes landed around the same time. A video of Gandhi teasing his sister for travelling in a bigger plane had gone viral.

Gandhi said that he was very protective about his sister. When reminded that Priyanka had said she was very protective about her brother, Gandhi said smilingly, “Well I suppose you could say that we’re both protective of one another.”


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