Parrikar says he will ensure there is no shortage of beef in Goa


Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar today said the state-run abattoirs here produces around 2,000 kgs of beef per day while the additional demand for the same is met by supplies from neighbouring Karnataka.
Manohar Parrikar

Addressing the state assembly on the first day of the monsoon session, Parrikar, in reply to a BJP member’s concern over the quality of beef supplied from the neighbouring state, said the beef purchased from Karnataka would be subjected to proper inspection.

“Approximately 2,000 kgs beef is produced per day at the state abattoir the Goa Meat Complex Limited, while rest of beef is brought in from Karnataka.

“The estimated sale of beef, based on the meat inspection charges paid by beef dealers/traders is approximately 2,300 – 2,400 kgs/day,” said Parrikar, who also holds the animal husbandry portfolio.
He was responding to the question raised by the BJP MLA Nilesh Cabral.

Parrikar said that if there was shortage of beef in Goa, he will import beef from the neighbouring states, reported ANI.

“I haven’t closed option of getting beef from Belgaum or some other place to ensure there is no shortage of beef,” Parrikar said.

“The balance of the required quantity of beef is procured from the neighbouring states, particularly Karnataka, by meat traders,” the chief minister was quoted by PTI.

In a supplementary question, Cabral expressed his concern over the quality of beef brought from Karnataka and suggested that production of meat at the Goa abattoir could be ramped up.

To this, Parrikar replied he would issue directions to the department concerned to carry proper inspection of beef imported from Karnataka.

“The Goa Meat Complex Ltd has no problem in slaughtering more animals if they are brought there by traders,” he added.

Parrikar’s statement will give ammunition to the BJP’s political adversaries, who’ve long highlighted the saffron party’s hypocrisy on he issue of beef. The BJP, in the recent past, has made beef a huge political issue.

Last week a local BJP worker, Salim, was brutally thrashed for allegedly beef in Nagpur.

The supporters of BJP have lynched many Muslims to death on suspicion of eating, carrying and storing beef. However, the party has been careful in not opposing the consumption of beef in states such as Goa and the North-East for the fear of upsetting the local voters.

(With PTI inputs)


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