Right-wing terrorists thrash Muslim man on suspicion of carrying beef


A right-wing mob has thrashed a Muslim man on the suspicion of carrying beef in Mahrashtra’s Nagpur, said local police.

muslim man beef

According to a video posted by news agency ANI, the incident took place in Maharashtra’s Jalalkheda area in Nagpur when a man was thrashed by furious mob for allegedly carrying beef.

Police have arrested four men in this regard and further investigation is underway.

The victim’s wife, Zareen Shah later told ANI that her husband was carrying goat’s meat and not beef.

Urging for severe punishment for the accused persons, Zareen further added that his husband Salim Shah identified four men then after which he fainted out.

Public lynching by the Hindutva terrorists has become a routine practice in India since the BJP came to power in May 2014. As many as 14 people including four Hindus have been killed by these terrorists.

The alarming rise in the incidents of public lynching by right-wing terrorists posing as cow protectors had prompted India’s citizens to launch an international protest, billed as #NotInMyName.

This later prompted Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the leader of the ruling BJP, to issue condemnation for attacks by the right-wing Hindu groups.



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