Congress laps up Olympian Sakhsi Malik’s tweet to ridicule BJP government


The Congress today sought to ridicule the Haryana government on its promise of rewarding Olympic medallists, latching on to bronze medal winning Sakshi Malik’s allegation that she was yet to get these incentives.

Congress MLA Karan Singh Dalal from Palwal attacked the government over the alleged denial of incentives to Sakshi despite state’s Sports Minister Anil Vij telling the assembly that she was “given a cheque of Rs 2.5 crore the day she set her foot in India upon her return from Rio Olympics”.

olympian sakhsi malik

Lapping up Sakshi’s tweet, Dalal said, “A girl who did not make only her state but the entire country proud with her feat, is forced to tweet and ask for what should have been given to her much earlier.

“The government has gone back on its promises and it should immediately honour all of them made to Sakshi.”

But rejecting Dalal’s allegations, the minister said Sakshi had also been promised a job by the government but she wanted it in her hometown Rohtak.

“We found that there was no job suiting her profile in Rohtak). Accordingly, we created a special post of Director Sports in Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak. The MDU university’s executive body is holding a meet on March 11 and she will get the job on the same day as all necessary formalities will be completed,” he said.

Three days ago, Sakshi had claimed she had not yet got the incentives promised to her by the government for winning the bronze medal at the Rio Games.

“Medal ka vada maine pura kiya, Haryana sarkar apna vada kab pura karegi? (I fulfilled my promise of winning an Olympic medal for the country, when will the Haryana government fulfil its promise?),” Sakshi had tweeted.

“Announcements made by the Haryana government after my OLYMPIC MEDAL win were for MEDIA ONLY?,” she had further posted on her Twitter handle.

The Haryana government had announced before Olympics Rs 6 crore for gold medallists, Rs 4 crore for silver and Rs 2.5 crore for bronze medal winners.

On the issue of reward to her coach, Vij said the government had asked the Olympics bronze medallist wrestler Sakshi to give the name of one coach for the reward.

“We asked her to give an affidavit and name one coach who get the reward. She gave names of two coaches initially.

Later, she named three coaches in another affidavit claiming she was trained by them. Then she asked us to promote another coach of hers, while yet another coach from Rohtak submitted a request to the government claiming he was Sakshi’s real coach.

“We cannot give the financial reward to 5-6 coaches, we have asked her to decide and give name of one coach and we will give him the award. But that has not been given yet,” Vij stated. .


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