Did Karan Johar’s complaint lead to Arnab Goswami’s ouster from Times Now?


Noted filmmaker Karan Johar has denied being the man responsible for former Times Now journalist, Arnab Goswami’s ouster from the channel.

karan johar arnab goswami

Speaking at the Town Hall event, organised by journalist Barkha Dutt, Karan was asked to react to Arnab’s reported comments that held him responsible for his sacking from Times Now.

Karan said, “What do I tell Barkha? I feel very important. If I ask anyone to leave this room, they may not listen to me. I didn’t know that I had the power to get someone sacked from an organisation.”

He, however, did not deny speaking and complaining to Arnab Goswami’s boss, understandably Vineet Jain.

He said that he did reach out to many people because the controversy surrounding Fawad Khan in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil had rattled him.

He said, “I am not saying more because that was between me and who that person was.”

Arnab’s departure from Times Now, as first reported by Janta Ka Reporter, was a forced decision by his employer. Arnab had later confirmed Janta Ka Reporter’s report adding that he was ill-treated by his bosses on his last day in office.

On his public spat with Kangana Ranaut over nepotism allegations, the filmmaker said, “She’s an exceptional talent. She had an opinion. She said it. Many weeks later I was given a platform and I said what I had to. I don’t know what she meant and why she took it out on me because I have never ever crossed paths with her.”

When reminded that Kangana was a self made actor and her success in Bollywood had come even without a ‘sugar daddy,’ Karan said dismissively, “Then what should we do?”

He said, “First we had national bird and now we have a national word and that is ‘nepotism.’ And when did I become the brand ambassador of this word?”

When told that he was a powerful epicentre of the film industry, Karan said, “But this epicentre just had an earthquake!” This too was in reference to the controversy involving Kangana.

Karan minced no words in his disdain for Ajay Devgn, with whom he had fallen out during the release of Shivaay and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil after the latter accused him of hurting the prospects of his release.

This had prompted the noted filmmaker to end his 25-year-long relationship with Kajol, Ajay’s wife.

On Wednesday night, Karan once again maintained that his friendship with Kajol had ended for good.

Referring to Ajay Devgn as ‘that man,’ Karan said, “Relationship comes to end, friendship comes to close. With Kajol, my friendship has closed. I had no relationship with that man (Ajay Devgn), not even an acquaintance. I have great amount of love and respect for Kajol and that will never go. But sometimes relationships have an expiry date.”





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