Emotional Arnab Goswami reveals how he was stopped from entering Times Now studio on his last day


Journalist Arnab Goswami has revealed how he was not allowed to enter his own studio in Times now on what was his last day in office.

arnab stopped times-now

Speaking to News 24’s Manak Gupta in a special event, an emotional Goswami said, “Two days before I left Times Now, I was told you can’t do the program. 18th November was my last day, I was not allowed to enter my own studio. The studio I built. I was stopped….I was very upset. When you build an institution and are not allowed to enter your own studio you feel sad. It hurts you somewhere.”

Janta Ka Reporter had exclusively reported the news of Goswami’s shock resignation from Times now on 1 November.

We had also exclusively reported how his bosses had stopped him from hosting a special mega show on his last day.

What Goswami is saying is now is a mere confirmation of our report published four months ago.

Arnab was reportedly keen to invite big names of politics, sports and entertainment on his planned ‘farewell’ edition of News Hour, but the channel’s CEO, MK Anand, abruptly told staff on 17 November that the anchor would be presenting his last debate show on 18 November.

Anand also reportedly added that the last episode of News Hour with Arnab will be just like any other debate shows he had presented in the past.

In mid December, the former editor-in-chief of Times Now had announced his intention to launch his next venture Republic.


  1. The day when he was covering the controversal remarks of Amir Khan ‘on leaving India’,he was repeatedly putting his own words in AK’s mouth.Post show,i called him and asked ‘where did Amir Khan say he wanted to leave India’ he kept quiet.I said AK has disowned what u said.He had no answer and disconnected the phone.He is the same person ran a doctored clip of JNU students and look at the way he speaks about Aravind Kejriwal…AK did not spend 1100cr for marketing him.He is as simple as any politician.Arnab is the same person kept bashing the panelists that many decent people kept away from his show.He was a pawn in the hands of sanghis.He has rss roots.Not a journalist.He abused other journalists who did not agree with him.Which journalist will ask to shut other channels just because they showed the other side of the story?…he has done all the crap and now masquarade as a prophet among journalists.

  2. Ye karmo ka phal hai Arnab. You have been a judge and declared so many people terrorists, supporters of terrorists, treacherous, liars and what not. You got what you deserved. May Allah forgive you and us for arrogance.


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