Ekta Kapoor’s big statement on casting couch: Actors also use their sexuality to get roles


Leading producer Ekta Kapoor has made a sensational revelation on the prevalent phenomenon of casting couch in Bollywood. Speaking at a Town Hall event organised by an English channel, Kapoor said that it was not fair to always blame people in power for complaints of sexual harassment.

Ekta Kapoor

“In our industry, if one actor meets a producer at 2 a.m. and hooks up with him and after five days, if she wants a job based on that and the producer doesn’t give the job because he wants personal and professional things separate, then who is the victim here? The interpretation is always that the powerful person took advantage of the poor little budding actor or something that is always not the truth,” she was quoted by IANS.

Ekta added, “Well, I think there are Harvey Weinsteins in Bollywood, but there is probably an equal number of Harvey Weinsteins on the other side of the story, but people do not want to talk about that part. Yes, there are people in power like producers who use their power to take advantage of people, but at the same time there are people on the other side, like an actor or others who need the job, would also use their sexuality to get things done. Therefore, I believe that predators should not be put in a box based on power. It is always not true that the person who does not have power is the victim.”

Earlier this month a cousin of Ekta’s father Jitendra had alleged had accused him of sexually harassing her 47 years ago during a film shoot in Shimla.



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