Manoj Tiwari says tussle between LG and AAP govt inevitable


Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari on Friday said the party honours Najeeb Jung’s “personal” decision to step down, but whoever becomes the new Lt Governor, the tussle between the LG and AAP government will continue as the latter “does not follow Constitutional propriety”.

Manoj TiwariExpressing his surprise over the sudden resignation by Najeeb Jung yesterday, Tiwari said he honours his “personal” decision to step down.

The new Lt Governor will work to uphold the Constitution and various rules of governance in Delhi, he said.

Accusing Arvind Kejriwal-led government of “not obeying” the Constitution, Tiwari said a tussle with the new Lt Governor was “inevitable”.

“A government which does not follow the Constitution and adopts autocratic attitude will invetiably clash with the Lt Governor whoever he may be,” he said at a press conference here.

Kejriwal has turned Delhi into a centre of “devious politics”

engaging in allegations and counter allegations “without doing any work” on the ground, Tiwari alleged.

“There is no work on the ground. Everyday, he levels allegations on the Prime Minister and LG. I think, now Delhi wants to know from him about his promises of CCTV cameras, new buses, beds in hospitals and schools,” he said.

Tiwari termed Congress a “deal baaj” party while reacting over its Delhi unit chief Ajay Maken’s charge that there was some “deal” between Narendra Modi and Kejriwal behind exit of Jung as Lt Governor.

“Ajay Maken belong to Congress that is a deal baaj party.

They had coal deal, 2G deal so if he sees deal behind everything, what can we do about it,” he said.

(With inputs from PTI)


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