Class 10 student repeatedly gang-raped for 7 months, first by classmates in toilet, later by principal and teachers


In a horrific story, a class 10 student in Bihar was repeatedly gang-raped by 15 students in the school’s toilet for seven months. When she complained about her sexual assault to her principal, he too raped her with two other teachers.


According to reports, the 13-year-old girl was first raped by several students inside the school toilet in December last year. Her tormentors also filmed her as she faced the brutalities. They used the video of her gang-rape for future blackmail.

Traumatised by the repeated brutalities, the girl approached the school principal in Chhapra district. But instead of reporting the matter to the police and taking strict action against the guilty students, he too joined the students in raping her. The principal was later reportedly joined by two other teachers.

The girl, according to media reports, did not report the matter to the police since her father was in jail. The girl has now filed a complaint with the police, which said that 14 out of 18 accused were absconding.

Meanwhile, the girl has been taken to the hospital for medical examination. A correspondent with ABP News said that the police initially refused to file an FIR. The victim’s father was allegedly humiliated by the local cops. It was only after he threatened to take the matter to higher authorities, when the cops agreed to register the complaint.

The story has sent shockwaves with social media users erupting in anger on the sickening crime being committed against the young girl. Attacking Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, a user, Nishant, wrote on Twitter, “This is beyond shame..! Those who have committed this heinous crime deserve capital punishment. This is really scary and sickening. Nitish Kumar, look what’s happening in your Bihar.” Another user Pritha Bandopaddhyay tweeted, “The people of the school, including principals and teachers, did not just hide this abominable task, but instead began to rape the schoolgirl.”

“A preliminary report has been registered, 6 people have been arrested out of total 19 accused,” AK Singh, DSP, Chhapra Sadar was quoted by ANI.

Only recently, a report by Reuters Foundation had termed India as the most unsafe country for women.

The news comes just a day after it was reported how six men in Uttar Pradesh’s Unnao district had allegedly gang-raped a woman while also filming the act. Local police had said that they had arrested three individuals namely Akash, Rahul and Vimal, while a manhunt was underway to arrest the other accused, Vipin, Pawan and Hrithik.

On Friday, police in Uttar Pradesh had arrested a school principal along with her brother and two other teachers after videos of girl students in the school toilet went viral on social media. Videos in question were made using a hidden camera.


  1. Bring in Daya Nayak and Pradeep Sharma of mumbai police the operation specialists and just shoot these Rapist first hang them later and then ask them questions within 3 months all rapes will go away.


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