Bigg Boss contestant Hina Khan in Twitter spat on Ramadan greetings


Bigg Boss contestant Hina Khan is known to be a feisty character. She has always given back to her critics as good as she got from them. We all were witness to this during the Bigg Boss reality show, where she narrowly missed the title to Shilpa Shinde.

Hina Khan

The actor recently took to Twitter to wish everyone Ramadan greetings. Little did she realise that some of her critics will begin to troll her for her innocuous festive wishes. While posting her photo in Islamic scarf, Hina wrote, “Happy first Sheri everyone.. Ramadan Mubarak. Jumma Mubarak.”

Sehri is the last meal taken by those holding Ramadan fast in the early hours of the morning. Soon one user sought to correct her that Hina was, in effect, wishing people on what was the second day of Ramadan fast. The user, identified as Shahrukh Khan ( Not the King Khan), wrote, ” #mohtarma aaj dusri sehri ti aapne #bewakufi ke chakkar me ek roza kaza kr liya hai. kher aapko bhi jumma Mubarak dua o me yad rkhiye ga.”

Hina was not prepared to take the sarcastic tweet lying down. She wrote that while Friday may have been the second day of Ramadan for him, people in Mumbai had started observing the fast a day later making Friday the first day of the fasting month. She wrote, “Mohtaram Mumbai mai Pehli Sehri aur pehla roza aaj se hai.. aapne bewakoofi Ke chakkar mai poorie jaanch partaal nahi ki.. khair aapko bhi jumma Mubarak aur duaaoun mai yaad zaroor rakhiyega.”

Muslims across India faced utter confusion in deciding on the first day of Ramadan as contradicting messages on the sighting of moon kept pouring in this year. In parts of south India, the announcement was made fairly early that the moon had been sighted on Wednesday evening. Devotees in north India, particularly in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, too decided to go along with their counterparts in south India, but confusion continued to prevail in Rajasthan and parts of Maharashtra, where Muslims decided to observe the fast a day later, from Friday.

Hina’s Twitter spat with her troll has since gone viral with thousands of people responding to her social media posts on Ramadan.


  1. Previously I used to adore Hina a lot..
    But her rude behaviour with her critics have left me thinking whether I should continue liking her anymore..
    In BB, she was very good, but after BB, don’t know why, her behaviour has undergone such a drastic change..!!


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