Shame on you Hina Khan, says actor Hansika Motwani


Hansika Motwani who shot to fame from playing child characters on TV has now lashed out at Bigg Boos contestant Himan Khan.

Hansika Motwani

In a series of tweets, Hansika said that Hina ought to be ashamed for her comments degrading actors from the south.

She said, “What is this suppose to even mean?How can she even degrade south industry like this ? #shamehinakhan. Doesn’t she know a lot of Bollywood actors hv worked & are working in the our south industry ! Shame on you #hinakhan for trying 2demean us.

“As an actress from the south industry, I would like to say I’m very proud be from our south industry and whatever #hinakhan is saying. And whatever #hinakhan is saying is our pure bullshit.

Hina, who’s currently inside the Bigg Boss house had said, It happens in South. They want bulging and big women and they give me a lot of money. I had an offer from two South Indian films, but I rejected it because the producer of the film asked me to put on weigh.”

Hansika also received support from Khushbu, who wrote, “They need lessons from south on how to be dignified..That’s why they remain where they are n our girls zoom past them.”


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