“Arnab’s boss just did a #SurgicalStrike” on Newshour anchor


Times Now’s editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami has for long been a whipping boy of almost every non-BJP political party and people with non-RSS ideological beliefs.

There’s been a general perception that the Newshour’s anchor has become more explicit with his dislike for anything related to Pakistan particularly after the Narendra Modi government came to power. It was no surprise that Modi chose him as the first Indian journalist to give his first TV interview two and a half years after becoming the prime minister.

Arnab Goswami

Goswami, a self-proclaimed messiah of journalism in India, was hung, drawn and quartered by social media users for his alleged fixed interview with the PM. His unusually meek approach and ‘fear’ in asking difficult and uncomfortable questions to Modi was widely condemned.

Although, Goswami ends up rubbing general public up the wrong way almost every night through his show, the anchor has dominated social media conversations particularly in the aftermath of Uri attack that killed 20 Indian soldiers.

When the Indian army claimed it had conducted surgical attacks across the LoC on 29 September, Goswami simply couldn’t hide his excitement.

He has been carrying out a concerted campaign to ban Pakistani artists from acting in Bollywood films. It was his idea that for Pakistani artists condemning Uri attack was more important than to obtain a visa to be eligible to work in Indian film industry.

While Goswami’s high-decibel antics on Pakistani actors inside the studio earned him plenty of plaudits, his critics found his alleged theatrics nauseating.

However, on Wednesday, Arnab was left red-faced after his boss and the Managing Director of the Times Group, Vineet Jain, tweeted a view which came as a sharp contradiction to that of Goswami’s.

In his tweet, Jain said that India ought to have supported the Pakistani artists.

He said, “By supporting Pak artists v come out stronger globally.we get known as a liberal&peaceful nation.We isolate Pak even more among pak citizens.”

While the BJP supporters condemned Jain for his tweet, the liberals detected an irony. Jain’s tweet prompted many to post reactions highlighting the obvious contradiction between him and his employee (read Arnab Goswami) on Pakistan.

Here are some reactions:







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